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Hello, welcome to my website!  I am now commissioned in West Virginia, so feel
free to send your West Virginia depos our way!
The next time you call your local court reporting agency, ask them to
please send a court reporter who is certified through the NCRA.   If they have no one
available, give LaGamba Reporting Services a call.   I am a Certified Realtime
Reporter and also a Registered Professional Reporter with the NCRA, and I would be
glad to become a part of your litigation team!
  • Two-Week Regular Delivery of Transcripts
  • Specialization in Medical Malpractice, Foodborne Illness, Construction and Asbestos
  • Exhibits scanned and copied onto CD in PDF Format upon request
Welcome to LaGamba Reporting Services
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LaGamba Reporting Services
Debi D. LaGamba, RPR/CRR